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Milestones ABC – Children’s Quarterly Subscriptions and Gift Boxes

The heart behind Milestones ABC is to make life a little easier for busy families today. We offer quarterly boxes for children ages 0 through pre-K, filled with educational toys and books that correlate to your baby’s developmental milestone along with fun clothing and gear for their lifestyle. Each child is so wonderfully different and so are our boxes. Milestones ABC is developed by a mom and an elementary school teacher. We put the research in each box to help give parents the tools they need to prepare their children for elementary school. We also have amazing gift boxes and baby shower gifts Gifting a Milestones Box takes the guesswork out. We do the work for you so that you can give the perfect, one of a kind, gift. Join our Milestones Family today!



You’ll find a little of everything in your Milestones ABC box. First and foremost, our focus is on learning and development, so each box will contain items that stimulate motor skills, cognitive development and imagination. Our research and development team is led by an elementary school teacher who’s focus is finding the best items to prepare your little one for school. You’ll also find useful and fun gear, clothing and accessories that moms and kids love!


Through our online profile and feedback surveys we get to know your family and your little one so that we can further customize each Milestones ABC box. Our research and development team is led by an elementary school teacher who fully understands the developmental stages and the skills a child will need to excel in elementary school.

Milestones ABC Testimonials #Milestoneskid

“I recently purchased a Milestones subscription for my grandson for Christmas. I was delighted with the products and the convenience. I highly recommend it. My grandson loved his toys. It was his favorite Christmas gift!”


“My 1-year-old daughter received a “Milestones” gift box from her Aunt, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with its contents. From something cute and soft to wear, to various age appropriate toys she loved it! I was happy to see the quality of the items, they were all things I would have bought her myself.”

Cole & Wren

“I recently had the pleasure of using Milestones for a baby shower gift for a very dear friend who adopted a new little girl. They took the time to find out what was important to me & learn as much as they could about my friend and her new baby. They picked out the perfect essentials which all had a fun little twist to make them even more special!”